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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the al-islam school about?

Alislam school is non profit organization, teaches students how to read and write arabic, islamic studiest, and quraan.

Can I enroll if my age more than 12 years old?

Yes any age from 5-14 years old can be enrolled at alislam school.

Can non native arabic speakers learn arabic, quran, and Islamic Studies?

Absouletely, that's definately one of our higher priorities.

I have school on weekdays, Do you get time on the weekend?

Yes, our school is weekend school. flixiable for most kids.

Do we offer a special tutoring?

Yes we do offer special tutoring. please refere to this page for more info! Click here for more info!

How many days a week does al-islam school teach?

Registeration does start on Aug for fall and spring semester Read more,
but for the summer programs starts on May Read More .

Can i register any time at the year?

Cost of classes starts at $65 per month.

How much does classes costs?

Once a week, on saturday